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2005 No.202 Special Edition on Technologies of Oki Electric Group of Companies

Evaluation by LSI Process Diagnostics for Systems Requiring High Degree of Reliability [136KB] PDF

Kazuhiro Yabe, Daiki Tanaka, Katufumi Noda, Katufumi Noda, Sadao Suganuma, Katsumi Oka, Satoshi Kuboyama, Sumio Matsuda

Descriptions are provided of an LSI process diagnostic system, for which a high degree of reliability is required and the results of an evaluation on the effectiveness of the LSI process diagnostic system that has been developed for a selection of electronic devices intended for spacecraft.

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Developments of Hydroacoustic Measurement Technology [113KB] PDF

Satoshi Noguchi

Hydroacoustic measurements can be enhanced for a customerfs satisfaction by improving the measurement quality through a triune testing environment, testing facility and measurement technology. This paper will describe the status of triuniting work conducted at Oki Seatec Co., Ltd. Further, a portion of the products created through the horizontal development of the hydroacoustic measurement technology, as a means to improve the corporate value of the company, will also be introduced.

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Embedded Device Platform for Ubiquitous Era: "Visual Application Platform" [91KB] PDF

Seigo Inoue, Hidefumi Shinkai, Ikuo Mochida, Kazuto Usuda, Koichi Iwazaki

Visual Application Platforms (hereinafter referred to as "VAP") are embedded device platforms for the development of products incorporating video processing, audio processing, communication processing and other such functions. Oki Information Systems Company Limited introduces VAP, which is developed, built and proposed as an embedded device platform for the ubiquitous era

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Wireless LAN Solutions [78KB] PDF

Hideaki Odagiri, Hiroyuki Akiyama, Masao Gotou

Introducing the intellectual property (IP) for wireless LAN that complies with the IEEE802.11 standard and wireless LAN solutions with a dedicated prototyping board at the core, developed by Oki Network LSI Co., Ltd.

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Reed Switches Developed Using Micro-machine Technology [112KB] PDF

Hiroyasu Torazawa, Naokuni Arima

Through the new implementation of a micro-machine technology and by repeating the use of a photolithographic technology and plating technology several times, it was possible to develop an ultra-compact reed switch for surface mounting with dimensions of 2 x 1 x 0.75mm. Details are presented in this paper.

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LSI for Radio Clocks [170KB] PDF

Takayuki Kondo, Katsuya Maruyama, Tsunao Oike

Radio clocks are always able to sustain accurate time, as they are equipped with functions for receiving low frequency signals (standard-time and frequency-signal emission) that carry time information and automatically correct time and calendars. This paper will provide a general summary of radio clocks and the "ML6191", a real-time clock LSI with an automatic time correction function that is a combination of an RF for the standard frequency and a real-time clock in a single chip, a description of application examples and future efforts.

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