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OKI Technical Review

2016 No.227 Special Issue on Printing Solutions

OKI Data’s Product and Market Expansion Plan [952KB] PDF

Tsutomu Yamamoto

An overview of the printer/MFP market environment, OKI’s markets/industries of interest, and strategy to take the company’s products/solutions from the present into the future is presented. Key technologies supporting OKI’s products are introduced as well.

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Office Solution with Multifunction Printer [842KB] PDF

Yoshitaka Nishiyama, Toshiyuki Ito

This article introduces OKI’s own open platform developed to be an initiative for office solutions utilizing OKI’s MFPs. As a specific deployment of an office solution, a case example of an ISV is presented as well as solutions OKI has developed.

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Design Business Solution: Pro6410 NeonColor and C942/Pro9542 [664KB] PDF

Yoshihiro Hashimoto, Koichi Negishi, Yoshiyuki Nakajima, Hiroyuki Kono, Hideki Sato

The Pro6410 NeonColor, with fluorescent toner capability, and C942/Pro9542, with white spot color for high definition printing on colored paper, are unique printers that will surely expand the design potentials for professional users. This article introduces the concepts and technologies behind the developments of the two printers.

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Medical Solution -DICOM Embedded Color LED Printer- [515KB] PDF

Hideaki Imaizumi, Patrick Rabel, Tristan Frances

OKI DICOM embedded color LED printers conform to DICOM protocol, which is the de-facto standard for communications between medical imaging equipment (modality), and with single equipment, meets the printing needs for both medical images and documents.

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Product Technology of Eco-Solvent Inkjet Printer M-64s [1.1MB] PDF

Masahiro Suzuki

M-64s is a 64-inch wide-format inkjet printer equipped with Eco-solvent ink. This article introduces the product technology that balances high-speed printing with high image quality, which are the appeal points of the M-64s.

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