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2021 OKI's DX Solutions to Social Issues

"FlyingView®" -Real-Time Remote Monitoring System with Bird's-Eye View and AI Image Recognition- [846KB] PDF

Kazuki Kobayashi, Masashi Yuzue

The practical use of automated and remotely operated vehicles, ships, robots, etc. is advancing, and efforts for unmanned on-site operation are accelerating. This article introduces the functions and features of FlyingView, an image AI solution that delivers free bird's-eye viewpoint images, which is easy to see with the human eyes, to a remote location in real-time, and also provides a 360° AI analysis of the surroundings to prevent oversight of happenings that need to be seen.

Underwater Communication System to Expand Possibilities of Ocean Development [457KB] PDF

Hiroyuki Takeda, Kiyoshi Fukui

In ocean development, the use of underwater unmanned vehicles is drawing attention. Coordinated operation of these vehicles is required for efficient ocean development. This article introduces OKI's efforts to develop underwater acoustic communication modems that can contribute to the coordinated operation of underwater unmanned vehicles.

Area Sound Enhancement Mic -Extracting Only Target Voice from Crowds and Environmental Sounds- [393KB] PDF

Takashi Ishiguro, Masaru Fujieda, Kazuyoshi Akie

The problem of mics picking up unwanted sounds is more prevalent than ever as teleworking becomes widespread and publically installed systems turn to non-contact interfaces due to the spread of COVID-19.This article introduces an overview of the area sound enhancement mic that solves this problem and OKI's efforts for its commercialization.

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