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2007 No.209 Special Edition on Solutions Friendly to Humans

Aiming to Realize Ubiquitous Services: Participation in Verification Experiments of Ubiquitous Services for Kobe Airport [2,098KB] PDF

Shinji Kubo, Ryouhei Konuma, Kenichi Imaizumi, Yasunobu Watanabe, Hiroki Moriuchi

This paper introduces verification experiments of ubiquitous services for Kobe Airport, in which OKI participated, to make a contribution towards the realization of the e-Society® wherein all individuals, whether senior citizens, physically challenged persons or foreign nationals, are able to receive various ubiquitous services warranted by a particular situation at a given moment, at any time and at any place.

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Development and Practical Implementation of Disaster Prevention System with Application of Emergency Earthquake Bulletin [592KB] PDF

Fumitaka Homma, Masao Hosoya, Kentarou Yoshioka

Miyagi Oki Electric incurred earthquake damage twice in 2003. Therefore, in order to offer "peace of mind" to all relevant persons, securing the safety of our employees and providing a stable supply to our customers, we made a commitment to make our plant "the most robust semiconductor manufacturing plant in the world". To this end we developed and implemented a practical earthquake disaster prevention system in collaboration with REIC (Real-time Earthquake Information Consortium).

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Low Noise SIDM Printers [184KB] PDF

Yasumasa Sagawa, Satoshi Hanzawa

This paper describes a noise reduction technology that utilizes mechatronics control with an emphasis on two issues, printing noise emitted by SIDM printers and spacing operation noise.

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Environmental Businesses Effectively Using Ozone [274KB] PDF

Masaya Iwamoto

Ozone is a strong oxidant, yet it is a substance with a low load that does not cause any secondary pollution. Due to its strong oxidative property the substance has been used widely in a variety of industries in recent years. We aim to utilize the numerous effects and benefits of ozone in businesses.

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Support for Cooperative Work of Teleworkers with Disabilities [651KB] PDF

Koichi Takeuchi, Naotsune Hosono, Takashi Tsuda, Ryoji Kimura

This paper introduces a trial to provide support using an audio conferencing system for cooperative work of teleworkers with disabilities, in collaboration with Canada's University of Toronto.

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Application of Sign Language Image Synthesis Technology for Free Mobility Project [195KB] PDF

Yusuke Suzuki, Ichiro Miyamoto, Koichi Takeuchi

We developed a technology for synthesizing sign language images using actual images to translate input sentences into sign language. During the Free Mobility Project at Kobe Airport, this technology was used to display information, which was highly evaluated by the experiment participants.

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