OKI Technical Review

2017 No.230 Technologies and Solutions Accelerating Customers' Digital Transformation

Technologies and Solutions Accelerating Customers' Digital Transformation [455KB] PDF

Toshihisa Nakai

The effectiveness of OKI's IoT business platform which combines distinctive technologies developed through OKI's communication, finance and corporate businesses with the rapidly evolving AI technology, in accelerating customers' digital transformation, is explained through case examples.

Distributed Optical Fiber Temperature Measurement [1.6MB] PDF

Tokuo Yamaguchi, Kengo Koizumi

The market for IoT (Internet of Things) systems is rapidly expanding, and application is expected in fields such as manufacturing lines, factory monitoring, social infrastructure monitoring, etc. This article introduces the characteristics of the distributed optical fiber temperature sensing effective in these fields, the newly developed system, and its application examples.

Anomaly Detection using Vibration Analysis with Machine Learning Technology for Industrial IoT System [717KB] PDF

Yusuke Takahashi

The expectation for Industrial IoT (IIoT) has been growing for both manufacturers and end users in the manufacturing industry. OKI has recognized the needs for anomaly detection and predictive maintenance, specifically by using vibration analysis. This article introduces a couple of use cases - how the vibration data can be used with machine learning based technology that OKI has developed.

Development of Flying Camera System Platform on using FPGA [484KB] PDF

Yoshiyasu Tamura

The spread of vehicle driving assistance systems such as the surround view system is accelerating. The high benefits that are achieved going from a 2D to a 3D image utilizing OKI IDS's FPGA development technology to integrate the technology assets of multiple alliance partners is introduced.

AI Supported Printing on Various Media for Industry Printing [269KB] PDF

Masashi Oikawa, Kunio Kanai, Tetsuichi Shimada

Using special media with a printer sometimes results in printing failure. Conventionally, the engineers adjust the printer settings to achieve correct print quality. This article introduces OKI's effort to automate the adjustment process using AI.

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