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Welcome to OKI Technical Review (OTR), a technical journal published by Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd., which presents our Research and Development approaches and achievements to help overseas customers understand our engineering capabilities and corporate vision. The articles contained in OTR are selected from "OKI Technical Review," published half-yearly in Japanese.

Latest issue

When OKI announced its Medium-Term Business Plan 2022 back in 2020, the key message was "Delivering OK! to your life."

Now, to help customers achieve DX, "OKI's New DX Strategy" has been unveiled. It is a four-quadrant initiative consisting of "organizational transformation," "operational process transformation," "creation of new solutions," and "enhancement of existing solutions." This special issue presents specific efforts to put into practice the goal of "Delivering OK! to your life" under "OKI's New DX Strategy." OKI has positioned the "New DX Strategy" at the core of its next Medium-Term Business Plan as it contributes to solving various social issues.

We would like to thank you for reading the OTR past issues and we hope you will continue to enjoy, and benefit from reading the OTR in the future.

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