OKI Technical Review

2020 No.235 Subsidiaries and Affiliates Supporting OKI's Business Base

Service Robot Solution "AI Edge Robot" for Solving Labor Shortages [754KB] PDF

Kurato Maeno, Kei Kato, Tetsuya Ogawa, Noriyuki Matsuda, Yasuo Yamamoto

In accordance with OKI's "Innovation Management System" Yume Pro, an "AI Edge Robot" concept model was developed as service robot solution for solving the labor shortage problem. The aim of the development activity is introduced.

Optimization of Manufacturing Equipment Layouts in Factories Employing Quantum Computer [220KB] PDF

Hideaki Tamai, Kurato Maeno, Ken-ichi Tanigawa, Takuma Ishikawa

OKI is developing an optimization method for the manufacturing industry using a quantum computer, which has been attracting attention in recent years. This article describes the results of applying the developed method to the optimization of equipment layout at an OKI group factory.

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