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2013 No.222 Special Issue on Printing Solutions

Wireless Capable/Mobile Device Ready A4 Color LED MFP equipped with Wireless LAN Function : MC362w/MC562w [590KB] PDF

Ryuichi Kohara, Sakae Ogashiwa, Hiroshi Eguchi, Mutsumi Ishihara

New A4 color LED multi-function printers, "MC362w/MC562w," are introduced. These models, developed based on existing models, are wireless capable/mobile device ready, simple to operate and eco-friendly.

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High Speed and High Performance A4 color LED MFP equipped with Open Platform Technology : MC700 Series [657KB] PDF

Takashi Wakana, Hidenori Yanagawase, Junichi Ito

A line of A4 color LED multi-function printers that pack high-speed printing and high-performance into compact A4-size equipment and also equipped with open platform technology, which enables interaction with various applications to improve business workflow, is introduced.

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Multifunctional Specialty Printer MICROLINE 895 [662KB] PDF

Masaru Oshima, Akinori Nishino

History and market trend of serial impact dot matrix printers (SIDM) are followed with the introduction to the MICROLINE 895 business printer developed by combining expertise OKI Data has cultivated from years of providing SIDM popular all over the world.

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Mobile and Cloud Printing for Android-based Device [314KB] PDF

Yuichi Watanabe, Toshiyuki Ito, Masayuki Hirama

"Mobile/cloud printing" technology that interacts with the cloud environment is attracting much attention in the mobile device market. OKI is implementing functions that support the latest standards trending in this field into its printers/MFPs and working on the realization of high value-added services.

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Development of Compact LED Head [239KB] PDF

Norio Nakajima

Design, technology and results behind a new LED head, which was developed with the goal of achieving low cost and compactness, is presented.

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