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2024 OKI's Exponential Technologies towards the Future

New Technology using QST x CFB for Social Implementation of Vertical GaN Devices [1.6MB] PDF

Kenichi Tanigawa, Takahito Suzuki, Hironori Furuta, Takuma Ishikawa, Ryohei Hanawa

OKI has developed a new technology for the social implementation of GaN (gallium nitride), which is attracting attention as a next-generation power semiconductor. This article will first clarify the issues associated with GaN (gallium nitride) devices from trends in next-generation power devices. This will be followed by introduction of a new technology aimed at the development of vertical GaN devices through co-creation with Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. using their QST substrate and OKI's unique CFB technology for bonding dissimilar materials.

Zero-Energy IoT Series -Realize Remote Monitoring of Infrastructure and Disaster Site with Easy Installation- [2.4MB] PDF

Hiroshi Hashizume

In the midst of natural disasters becoming more severe and infrastructures aging, OKI has developed the "Zero-Energy IoT Series" infrastructure monitoring system that can remotely monitor the integrity of infrastructures such as bridges, slopes, and steel towers, and is working to realize disaster prevention DX. This article introduces the features and usage examples of the "Zero-Energy IoT Series."

Realization of Smooth Traffic Flow using Digital Twin [429KB] PDF

Takahiro Suzuki

In order to solve social issues in the traffic field, OKI is researching and developing construction technology for a traffic digital twin that enables virtual verification of various traffic measures. This article will introduce traffic flow simulation modeling, which is the key to digital twin, and data assimilation technology that will improve the reproducibility of traffic flow simulations.

Sensing Technologies using Optical Fibers and Metal Cables [281KB] PDF

Masaaki Hirota, Hideharu Kajizuka

OKI Electric Cable is working on sensor development that utilizes features of optical fibers and metal cables, considering the expanding use of sensors for such purposes as security and detecting abnormal vibrations for equipment maintenance. This article presents an overview and features of sensor cable technologies, as well as their anticipated applications and issues, and future prospects.

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