OKI Technical Review

2020 No.236 New Normal and Innovations

Optical Fiber Based Multi-Point Laser Vibrometer -Enabling Accurate and Labor-Saving Machinery Monitoring- [851KB] PDF

Yosuke Tanno, Kota Kimura, Akihiro Fujii, Hironori Sasaki

Aging of mechanical equipment that supports social infrastructures is regarded as a problem, and there is a demand for highly accurate predictive detection of equipment failures and labor saving in equipment management. This article introduces the development of an optical fiber based multi-point laser vibrometer, which utilizes optical communication technology for sensing, aimed at securing infrastructure from breakdown and outage.

OKI's Approach towards Next Generation Mobility Services -Cooperative ITS and ETC Multi-Purpose Service- [1.2MB] PDF

Jumpei Furukawa, Atsushi Satou, Masaki Kurosu

Mobility innovations not only make mobility more convenient, but through the use of cutting-edge technologies, they also have the potential to solve social issues and create new business schemes. This article introduces cooperative ITS, which OKI is promoting to implement safer automated driving into society at a lower cost, and ETC multi-purpose service that creates new usage value by taking advantage of ETC technology developed for convenient use of expressways.

"AISION® Vehicle Sensing System" using AI Edge Computer to Monitor Passing Vehicles [739KB] PDF

Masahiko Miya

The improved precision of surveillance cameras and advanced image analysis possible due to the spread of deep learning technology are accelerating the deployment of monitoring systems using AI. This article introduces OKI's image AI solution "AISION" and "AISION Vehicle Sensing System," which is an actual commercialized solution that monitors passing vehicles.

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