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2008 No.212 Special Edition on Financial Solutions and Services

i-appli Compatible Mobile Banking Solution [252KB] PDF

Miwa Nishio, Kentaro Hirano, Hideaki Suzuki

A solution is introduced for realizing highly convenient mobile banking services compatible with “i-appli banking” services, minimizing the changes that must be implemented by financial institutions on their existing mobile banking system in a short period of time and for a low cost.

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Enhancing Retail Financing through Event-based Marketing [203KB] PDF

Toru Ishikawa, Katsuya Ushio

The purpose of ChannelNavigator 2.0 is to offer customers financial service products with increased customer satisfaction, while improving the sign up rate for products.
ChannelNavigator 2.0 is capable of providing customers with financial services in sync with their lifestyles and life stages through event-based marketing by utilizing customer contact channels, such as ATMs and mobile phone services.

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Document Management System with Consideration for Compliance and Internal Control [450KB] PDF

Hideo Aono

The need for digitizing paper-based documents for the purpose of enhancing compliance is on the rise at financial institutions against the backdrop of an era when problems with the government pension system are being exposed and the legal application of e-documents is taking place. The loss of paper-based documents can lead to a leak of personal information, which can potentially develop into credibility problems for financial institutions by society. OKI has been offering to our numerous customers image processing systems for financial institutions (centralized systems for fund transfer processes and personal seals). Our company continues to provide solutions intended to increase the efficiency of clerical work and reduce the burden of clerical processes by utilizing our know-how related to business operations and management gained through such experiences.
This paper describes a solution developed by drawing on image processing technologies based on the system know-how as well as operational know-how of OKI.

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Multiple Image Entry System [643KB] PDF

Toshikazu Koyama, Kenji Ono, Hirokazu Matsumura

An image entry system that enables data to be efficiently entered without any modification, simply by loading on the forms of customers, has now been realized.
The person performing the form scanning does not need to be too aware of what is being done, but rather, the form images are attained in a fashion similar to that of sending documents by fax. Data entry operations can be performed efficiently using a unified screen layout, without the need for any specialized skills and regardless of the type of work (forms) being processed.

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Undertakings of LCM Services for Financial Institutions [216KB] PDF

Atsushi Joto

Life Cycle Management (LCM) services for financial institutions undertaken by OKI are aimed at providing services that extend support to the life cycle management of IT related work operations at financial institutions. The concepts for implementing, as well as the sense of direction, of such services are described in this paper.

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Context Awareness and Its Applications [630KB] PDF

Masaki Matsudaira, Kyoko Hoshikawa, Kohei Taki

An engine is being developed to turn “individualized” services into a reality as one of the features provided by ubiquitous services.
This engine is the development of a fusion involving the Bayesian network technology and a natural language processing technology. It makes services possible in response to specific situations by way of learning preferences and behavioral patterns through the analyzation of behavior logs of various individuals.

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