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2008 No.213 Special Issue on Teleworking in Ubiquitous Society

Sound Processing Technologies for Realistic Sensations in Teleworking [396KB] PDF

Takashi Yazu, Makoto Morito

We are aiming to realize a teleworking environment with such realistic sensations that one would feel as if he or she is in their office when he or she is elsewhere. An overview of sound processing technologies used to realize high quality and highly realistic sensations, as well as a sound source separation technology, which is an elemental technology, will be introduced here.

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Communications Robot System for Expressing Presence of Remote Participants [260KB] PDF

Yusuke Suzuki, Hiroyuki Fukushima

Descriptions are herein provided on a teleconferencing support system that uses robots as a communication media. This system was developed as a means for resolving problems pertaining to nonverbal and physical information exchanges that are conducted unconsciously in actual communications but are lost in remote communications, including teleconferencing.

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Continuous Connecting Voice Conferencing System
- WorkWel Communicator provides support for physically challenged teleworkers working at home- [384KB] PDF

Ryoji Kimura, Takashi Tsuda, Koichi Takeuchi, Naotsune Hosono

An designated special subsidiary of OKI, Oki WorkWel Co., Ltd., developed a WorkWel Communicator System to provide support for physically challenged persons working autonomously via teleworking. The system is a voice system with reality for multiple site connections, and is easy for physically challenged persons to operate.

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Realization of Financial Ubiquitous Services with ChannelNavigator® 2.0 [150KB] PDF

Katsuya Ushio

OKI is engaged in the development of products intended to realize “Financial Ubiquitous Services” that are securely available at any time, anywhere. This paper introduces a product that is expected to resolve “the difficulties for customers in choosing financial products and services.”

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Ubiquitous Thin Client and Teleworking [242KB] PDF

Takaaki Ozeki

Introduced herein is a USB-type thin client “Safario,” described as a “ubiquitous thin client” that serves as a terminal system for teleworking. A thin client environment, which is suitable for secure, simple and economical teleworking, can be realized using Safario.

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