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Trademark Right

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When linking to this website, read the following precautions and accept the terms of use.


  1. Specify URL of the global top page (https://www.oki.com) as a destination of linking.
  2. OKI will not be responsible for any damage or compensation claim by a third-party in regard to linking to this website on your website.
  3. Linking from the following site is strictly prohibited.
    • A site with (possible) defamation or disrepute of OKI, its subsidiaries/affiliated companies or any third-party including products or services provided by them.
    • A site containing (potentially) illegal or information about (potentially) illegal activities.
    • A site that features (possible) obscenity or socially unethical information.
  4. “Framing” this website is not permitted; display the link in a separate window to clearly identify that the content is ours.

Linking via Company Name Text

Clearly indicate that the link is to this website by using either one of the following text representations: “OKI”, “Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.” or “Oki Electric Industry” ("OKI”, or Simplified Chinese letters for “沖電気” or “沖電気工業株式会社” for a Chinese version).

Linking via Image

Unless otherwise permitted by a separate agreement, our logo mark, “OKI”, or other designs owned by OKI may not be used as an image to indicate the link.

Other Precautions

  • Please note that the content and URL on this website is subject to change or deletion without notice.
  • Also note that the terms provided here may be subject to change without notice and new terms take effect as of change.

Inquiry about Linking

For inquiry about linking, contact us by filling Inquiry about Linking. You will be contacted in return for further details.

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We have “Accessibility policy” as part of our Web guidelines, working for providing accessibility support catering to all customers’ needs.


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