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OKI Technical Review

2006 No.208 Special Edition on Printing Solutions

Foreword for Special Issue on Printing Solutions [52KB] PDF

Mikihiko Maeno

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Color Printing Solutions [555KB] PDF

Hirohiko Nakazato, Osamu Izaki, Takeo Fujii, Satoru Iguchi

This paper describes the concept model for color printer solutions at Oki Data and introduces various case examples of media solutions, print on demand, security, as well as open solutions.

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Latest Trend of High Definition LED Printheads [296KB] PDF

Mitsuhiko Ogihara

The system of development we have been promoting primarily with the LED array, which is the key component of the high definition LED printhead, is summarized herein, with a detailed introduction provided on the results of this development with which we succeeded in making practical implementations for the first time in the world, as well as the integration technology of the drive IC.

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Ultra Compact High Definition LED Color Printer [150KB] PDF

Koji Aida, Shinichi Otani, Masahiko Shimosugi, Nobuo Wakasugi, Hiroaki Kawahara

This paper introduces our new high definition LED color printer, the smallest and the best in its class in performance. It is a compact, low cost and low noise product that maintains high-speed printing by taking advantage of a tandem system while realizing a high definition color quality that rivals products of higher classes.

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High Depth Color Print Control Technology [746KB] PDF

Masao Yaji

This paper introduces a highly gradated control technology, uniquely developed by Oki Data, the ProQ Multi-level technology as well as its related technologies. The ProQ Multi-level technology is the first technology to reproduce gradation at the engine level for electrophotographic printers using high definition LED printheads as the light source and contributes to the quantum leap in printing quality.

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Color Image Information Processing [432KB] PDF

Nobuhito Matsushiro

This paper describes color science research, color processing research and development, as well as color printer product technology development performed by the Imaging Development Center in relation to color image information processing, which is one of the core technologies of the color printing solutions at Oki Data.

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Electrophotographic Simulation Technology [342KB] PDF

Takuya Goto, Kazuteru Kurihara

The formation of thin layers of a toner as well as a cleaning process using a rubber blade are cited as examples to describe a simulation technology for an electrophotographic process using the distinct element method.

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