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OKI Technical Review

2010 No.217 Special Edition on Printing Solutions

Foreword for Special Issue on Printing Solutions [121KB] PDF

Harushige Sugimoto

Printers are "taken for granted" in the office, and along with related services, differentiation will be the key factor in winning customer appeal. Additionally, the market is shifting from developed countries to emerging countries. The specific path OKI Data must take in this environment is examined.

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Environmental Regulations and Conservation Implementations in OKI [418KB] PDF

Yasuyuki Kato, Kazuhiro Anraku, Hikaru Shike, Teruhiro Okujima

Among the world’s various environmental regulations, which are getting tougher each year, we focused our attention on those related to global warming, chemical substance management and environmental certification. This article describes the latest international trends and the specific actions OKI is taking to comply with those regulations.

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The Lowest Height A4 Color LED Printers: C300/C500 Series [528KB] PDF

Tsutomu Yamamoto, Takeshi Asaba, Shoichi Ii, Michiaki Ito, Eiji Wagatsuma

This article describes the new "C300/C500 Series" A4 color LED printers for the A4 desktop and A4 small workgroup segment developed with compact, eco-friendly and low cost concept.

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Compact/Fastest A4 Monochrome LED Printers in class: B400 Series [355KB] PDF

Shinichi Hirose, Zenji Takahashi, Tatsuhiko Shimomura, Michiaki Ito, Koichi Matsuzaki

Strong advantages of LED system were utilized to develop a high-speed, high-quality and long-life series of printers capable of A4 printing at 38ppm while keeping size compact and cost low. Key technologies that made these new, smallest in class, high-performance, A4 monochrome printers possible are introduced.

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The Lowest Power Consumption Sleep Mode in the Category/Fast A4 Color LED Printers: C600/C700 Series [1.1MB] PDF

Naoki Sunaga, Hideki Shinyama, Tatsumi Yamaguchi, Masato Sakai

The "C610/C711" models are OKI Data’s high-end A4 color printers. With their low power consumptions and high speeds, they are ideal printers for office use. This article introduces the power-saving and high-speed technologies that went into the development of these printers.

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Specialized Printing Function for Office A3 Color Multi Function Printers: MC860 Series [410KB] PDF

Akira Ikeda

This article introduces the "MC860 Series," OKI Data’s first A3 multi function printers for the Japanese market and targeted at the "printer users of multi function printers." These MFPs are packed with technologies that OKI Data, as a printer specialist, has cultivated over many years.

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Compact/High Performance A4 Monochrome Multi Function Printers: MB400 Series [567KB] PDF

Masato Yamazaki, Hidenori Yanagawase, Hiroshi Handa, Yasuhiro Shimizu, Shushi Tsuchiya, Shuichi Yamanaka

Combining our own printer engine from an existing monochrome SFP (Single Function Printer) with an outsourced scanner unit adopted for the color MFP (Multi Function Printer), we succeeded in developing OKI Data’s first monochrome MFPs. The article introduces this newly developed "MB400 Series" MFPs, which provide high performance at reduced manufacturing costs.

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Print on Demand Solution [521KB] PDF

Tetsuichi Shimada, Koji Ishizaki

SignDirector™, a printing solution that provides print on demand, is introduced.

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