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Externalization of Smart Factory Solution using Local 5G [1.1MB] PDF

Kinya Asano, Takahisa Kabe, Seisyu Gan, Masaharu Hamaguchi

OKI has conducted a PoC (Proof of Concept) of the "Local 5G + Visual Abnormality Detection System" from FY2020, and started operation at a section of its Honjo Plant. This article introduces the externalization efforts of the system based on the operation results at the plant.

Fiber Optic Vibration Sensor for Environmental Monitoring [827KB] PDF

Naoki Yamashiro, Yoshihiro Kanda, Hitoshi Murai

Fiber optic vibration sensors, which enable measurement of vibrations transmitted to optical fibers over a wide range and with high precision, are attracting attention as an environmental monitoring technology. OKI has also taken on the challenge of establishing this technology through verification tests with customers. This article introduces the history of the project.

CFB Solutions for High Performance Semiconductor Devices using Novel Bonding Technology [867KB] PDF

Kenichi Tanigawa, Takahito Suzuki, Hironori Furuta, Akio Konishi, Hiroaki Kanamori

This article introduces "CFB Solutions" for bonding new values to semiconductor devices using CFB technology cultivated in OKI's printer business. "MicroLED display application" and "MEMS application (co-creation)" are presented as examples.

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