OKI Technical Review

2023 OKI's Contributions toward Green Society and Environment

Evaluation of Environmental Contribution in R&D Themes [170KB] PDF

Mari Suzuki, Koichi Takeuchi

In order to examine the directionality of R&D to increase the value of environmental contribution more effectively, evaluations were conducted to calculate the potential avoided emissions in R&D themes. This article introduces the results of the study.

Printer Technologies for Environmental Contribution -Introduction of C650 and B822/B842 Printers- [391KB] PDF

Masahiro Haruyama, Mio Senzaki, Hiroshi Udagawa, Kenji Sato

In addition to conforming to energy-saving regulations, printers are required to be manufactured in a way that reduces CO2 emissions through compactness and improved shipping efficiency. This article introduces the product concepts and environmental contribution technologies behind the A4 color C650 and the A3 monochrome B822/B842 printers, which are OKI's solutions to those requirements.

Vehicle Routing Optimization toward Green Logistics [1.0MB] PDF

Hideaki Tamai, Katsuya Kawaguchi

Aiming to reduce CO2 emissions associated with store delivery operations, OKI has developed a vehicle routing optimization technology that provides efficient delivery. The technology has been applied to an actual delivery operation for verification, and the result of its effect in reducing CO2 emissions is presented in this article.

XR Applications for Reducing Environmental Impact of Long Distance Travels [343KB] PDF

Yusuke Suzuki, Shota Matsumiya, Masachika Fuchigami, Takaaki Hatanaka, Hiroyuki Fukushima

This article introduces two XR applied technologies (Remote Work Support System and Digital Twin XR) that enable smooth execution of work without the on-site presence of a skilled engineer. Utilization of these technologies will reduce CO2 emissions associated with long distance travel to sites both within Japan and overseas, and contribute to reducing environmental impact.

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