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2009 No.214 Special Issue on the Environment: Aiming for Low Carbon Society

Energy Conservation System for Distribution Outlets [908KB] PDF

SungWoo Chun, Yoshio Okita, Shigeo Tachibana

An “Energy Conservation System for Distribution Outlets”, has been developed by OKI in order to control energy conservation at distribution outlets and manage energy consumption throughout a network of outlets. Energy conservation field tests were conducted at actual retail outlets in order to verify the energy conservation effects, which resulted in an electric power consumption reduction of more than 5 %.

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Outline of “Cool Clover” Energy Management System for IT Equipment [563KB] PDF

Akihiro Someya, Yoshifumi Murase, Shigeo Tachibana

OKI has developed “Cool Clover”, a management system for conserving the power of IT equipment, which contributes to energy conservation in offices involving the control and visualization of IT equipment connected to networks. An outline and the development technologies of “Cool Clover” are introduced in this paper.

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Electric Power Conservation Technology for Wireless Sensor Networks [200KB] PDF

Yuki Kubo, Kentaro Yanagihara, Masanori Nozaki

A wireless multi-hop network that can operate over a long period of time using battery driven nodes only, which was previously impossible, is becoming a reality through an electric power conserving sensor node technology. This paper explains such an electric power saving energy node technology, which is essential for building systems in order to conserve energy for environmental monitoring as well as other applications.

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Development of Power Conditioner Using Digital Controls for Generating Solar Power [1076KB] PDF

Tadashi Ryu

OKI Information Systems Company Limited is developing power conditioners to generate solar power, as products intended for green energy initiatives, in partnership with OKI Power Tech Company Limited. This paper describes the elemental technologies involved, as well as the characteristics of power conditioners for generating solar power.

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Reduction of Environmental Load in Logistics Field [159KB] PDF

Toshimitsu Yamagami

Various environmental strategies are being implemented in the logistics field in an effort to reduce the load on the environment. This paper introduces activities pertaining to modal shifting, the implementation of a bio-diesel fuel and the promotion of eco-driving.

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