OKI Technical Review

2019 No.234 Advanced IoT Society Pioneered by AI Edge Computing

Realizing Advanced IoT Society with AI Edge Computers [1.8MB] PDF

Shinichiro Nishida

The AI edge computer "AE2100" launched to realize the advanced IoT society visualized by OKI, the directionality of the ecosystem with co-creation partners using the AE2100, and examples of AE2100's use in OKI's areas focus are presented.

OKI Group AI Principles [246KB] PDF

Koichi Takeuchi, Satoshi Ikada

The "OKI Group AI Principles," a guideline for all OKI Group corporate activities related to AI, has been announced. This article describes the AI Principles' content, background of the establishment, positioning, aim, and establishment process. Additionally, the meaning and thoughts contained in each principle is presented as well as the prospects for the future.

Realizing High-Speed Deep Learning Inference with AI Edge Computer "AE2100" [232KB] PDF

Takamitsu Shimada

The AI's real-time data utilization is shifting from the cloud to the edge domain. This article introduces OKI's AI edge computer "AE2100" targeted for the edge domain and describes the product concept, hardware and software features behind the newly commercialized product.

Multi-Point Laser Doppler Vibrometer [603KB] PDF

Kota Kimura, Akihiro Fujii, Hitoshi Murai

There is a need to prevent equipment failures in advance to improve the operational efficiency of production sites. As a solution to this need, OKI is developing a multi-point laser Doppler vibrometer. This article introduces the development status and application examples of the vibrometer.

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