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2006 No.206 Special Edition on Customer Case Examples

Implementation of IP-Centrex in Oki Electric Group of Companies [559KB] PDF

Eiki Ichinohe

Oki Electric has been promoting the "Implementation of IP-Centrex", aiming to unify the phone numbers of extension networks, respond to the diversification of terminals, converge with information systems and reduce communication costs. Activities relating to the implementation of IP-Centrex by the Oki Electric Group are introduced in this paper.

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Case Examples of Improvements to Customer Service at Unmanned Stations of Nagoya Railroad through Implementation of IP Intercom and Video Surveillance Coordinated Systems [173KB] PDF

Masahiko Tsuda, Satoshi Narita, Taichi Tsutsumi, Takashi Kitamura, Taku Midorikawa

Nagoya Railroad implemented and started operations of the "IP Intercom System" in March 2005 and the "Video Surveillance Coordinated System" in October 2005. This paper introduces how these implementations have reduced costs and improved the level of service, accompanied by the opinions of customers.

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Complete Conversion of Sales Locations into IP Networks and Achievement of 300-Person Telemarketing System within 50 Locations Using "CTstage®4i for .NET" [161KB] PDF

Yutaka Mitani

Introduced in this paper is an example of system construction involving the complete conversion of sales locations into IP networks spread across Tokyo and Osaka and the achievement of a 300-agent telemarketing system within 50 locations using the CTI and IP communication system, "CTstage®4i for .NET Software Switch Model".

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Security Enhancement for Information System Platform through Utilization of Server Based Computing Technology at Suruga Bank [282KB] PDF

Momoko Kaneko

A platform for new information systems that prevent information leaks, which as the central feature has drawn a lot of attention in recent years, was built at the Suruga Bank. This paper describes the features and effectiveness of this system, which effectively utilizes existing assets, as well as describes the "adoption of the latest technology, SBC (Server Based Computing) and the enhancement of security".

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Example of Business Operational Efficiency Improvement at Food Supermarkets through Implementation of USCOS [331KB] PDF

Kiyoshi Takahashi, Megumi Hirai, Tomoaki Kaneko

Introduced in this paper are the benefits of implementation, results of surveys conducted with a client, future expansion and other matters relating to "USCOS" (cash depositing and dispensing machine), which is a transport and logistics product distributed to food supermarkets.

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Corpus-Based Text-to-Speech and Its Application [70KB] PDF

Satoshi Watanabe, Takeshi Iwaki, Tsutomu Kaneyasu, Kei Miki

The "Corpus-Based Text-to-Speech" technology incorporates features, such as a high degree of expressive ability and naturalness, in comparison to conventional rule-based speech synthesis. This paper explains the features as well as technical trends of the Corpus-Based Text-to-Speech technology and describes issues relating to its practical implementation.

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Restrictions of Use for Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Outlook of Compliance Management System [143KB] PDF

Hiroshi Ogata, Yoshiaki Kanai

The current status and future developments of the "Information Management System for Chemical Substances Contained in Products" at Oki Electric, as part of the activities to comply with the Restrictions of Use for Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment, by the electrical and electronics industry, will be described.

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