OKI Technical Review

2022 Technologies to Strengthen AI Edge Computing

OKI's Sensing Technologies to Strengthen AI Edge Computing [601KB] PDF

Makoto Masuda

This article introduces the social and on-site issues that the three sensing technologies "advanced photonic sensors," "advanced real-time AI vision," and "highly reliable fusion sensing" supporting the AI edge should solve and the features of each technology.

Zero Energy High-Sensitivity Camera -Take Clear Pictures of Remote Sites Day and Night with Easy Installation- [514KB] PDF

Hiroshi Hashizume, Yuki Kubo, Atsushi Yoda

In March 2021, OKI began sales of its "Zero Energy Gateways," a series of IoT devices that are easy to install since they do not require power supply or communication wiring. This article introduces a type equipped with a high-sensitivity camera, which has been newly added to the series lineup.

IoT Real-Time Threat Detection System at Network Edge [336KB] PDF

Kota Tsuchie, Taketsugu Yao

Unauthorized access into organizations using IoT devices as stepping stones has become a problem. This paper introduces a system that analyzes the characteristics of IoT devices' network traffic and detects threats such as unauthorized access.

Behavior Change Technology for Increasing Hybrid Work Productivity [207KB] PDF

Koji Sakurada, Azusa Takechi

This article clarifies the workers' behaviors required to increase hybrid work productivity from the prospective of both reducing working hours and increasing performance, describes the behavior change technology to habituate these behaviors, and presents the technology's usage in an experiment involving the use of office stairs.

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