OKI Technical Review

2018 No.231 Special Issue on Mono-zukuri Innovations

OKI's Mono-zukuri Innovations [374KB] PDF

Mikio Matsuda

As a manufacturing department, what are the issues that must be addressed, and how are they to be solved using IoT and other technologies? These questions are answered through the introduction of initiatives taken up at each of OKI and its affiliated companies' production bases and the activities of OKI group as whole.

Development and Introduction of New Production System with Robot and AI [845KB] PDF

Kenichi Tanigawa, Takuma Ishikawa, Chihiro Takahashi, Keisuke Yamada, Atsushi Miyai

Introduction of a robot to the production line has made it possible to automate work, but on the other hand, it increased the burden on engineers. This article introduces an example of a production system that realizes automated thinking as well as automated work to reduce the burden on engineers.

Mixed Production System of High-mix Low-volume Products [776KB] PDF

Yutaka Kashiwakura, Jun Tada, Kazuhiro Aoki

As the production environment of high-mix low-volume products accelerate, demand for production efficiency with respect to assembly testing is drastically increasing. This article introduces a "Mixed Production System of High-mix Low-volume Products" aimed at improving production efficiency, line operation rate and space efficiency.

Operation Management System for Blanking Processing Facilities [381KB] PDF

Toshiyuki Chigira, Masahiro Katou, Toshiaki Haruyama

A system has been constructed to manage detailed operation information for blanking processing facilities that operate 24 hours a day to process sheet metal parts. Through the analysis of the operation information obtained with this system, problems during the operation of the facilities were solved and productivity improvement was achieved. This operation management system is introduced in this article.

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