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OKI Technical Review

2004 No.198 Special Edition on Solution Services

An Overview and Applications of Val-Code® : Digital Watermarking Technology for Printed Documents [190KB] PDF

Hiroyuki Hota, Toshio Hikima

An overview is given of Val-Code® technology, which is a digital watermarking technology adapted to printed documents. Descriptions of its watermarking and tamper detection features are also provided. Finally, TrustPaper® and AnswerRead® are introduced as examples of applications in which Val-Code® technology is incorporated.

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Expansion of ITS Services Utilizing On-board ETC Equipment [317KB] PDF

Yoshihito Oomori, Yuzuru Yamazaki, Motoatsu Yoshikawa

The number of vehicles mounted with ETC equipment, utilizing the DSRC technology, surpassed 2.1 million units by the end of 2003. The users who purchased these units are looking to expand the services to a broader range of applications outside of the ETC system. In this paper, we shall be presenting our concepts of new ITS services that can realize such demands by users.

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Network Solution with the IPGW as the Core Component [82KB] PDF

Katsunori Tsuji

Case examples of a network solution are presented here with the IPGW as the core component. The IPGW is IP communications equipment that was developed by Oki Electric in response to the downsizing and cost reduction requirements of the independent information communication systems, owned by road and river administrators.

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Positional Data and Active Code (ACD) Used for the Cash Receipts and Settlement Scheme [743KB] PDF

Arayuki Takahashi, Michitaka Umemura, Makoto Ohnuki

Safety and reliability levels, exceeding those previously attained, are required by the contracts and agreements in the mobilization era. Therefore, we realized the "ACD Settlement Service", which is a cash receipt and settlement scheme based on positional information and time authentication technologies, with the use of mobile telephones and the Internet, as well as a coding technology.

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Advertisement Guidance Service that Uses Positional Information
-Sapporo JR Tower as an Example- [107KB] PDF

Hitoshi Kokubo

A summary is presented here of an advertisement guidance service that uses the positional information of visitors by utilizing electronic posters and mobile telephones. This paper introduces campaign announcements, using the "Sapporo JR Tower" as an example, as well as the contents of services.

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DSRC-Type Communication System for Realizing Telematics Services [71KB] PDF

Kiyohito Tokuda

The DSRC-type wireless communication system is one of the broadband wireless systems contributing to the improvement of needs of drivers and passengers, such as convenience, entertainment, comfort and safety. The possibility of applying this system to telematics services will be explored. Further, a description of the future prospects for ubiquitous networking will be provided, in the knowledge that the existence of information communication equipment mounted vehicles will remain.

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