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OKI Technical Review

2006 No.205 Special Edition on Security Technologies

Aiming to Realize Safe and Secure Mobile Phones [142KB] PDF

Noritaka Koyama, Yasuhiro Mitsui

Introduced herein is a context-aware security technology that detects conditions surrounding mobile phones, identifies threats, performs autonomous preventative and deterrent measures by using various types of internal and external information available from the mobile phone, as well as notifies the server.

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Overall Perspectives of SkyPDF Product Group, Achievers of Secure Printing and Scanning [392KB] PDF

Masatoshi Shirasaki, Hiroaki Shima, Yuji Tokuda, Shoichi Honda, Yuichiro Terashi

This paper introduces an overall picture of the document security solutions provided by the "SkyPDF product group", which realizes secure printing and scanning required by the Personal Information Protection Law, the e-Document Law and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

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Activities for Security of ATM-BankIT [67KB] PDF

Ryoko Tsutsui, Kazuhiro Kondou

Activities relating to the security of "ATM-BankIT", the new type of automated teller machine (ATM) that was announced in March 2005, will be introduced in this paper centering primarily on strategies to prevent the use of counterfeit cards particularly in connection with IC cards and biometric authentication.

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Security for Printing Data and Printed Materials [86KB] PDF

Yoshitaka Nishiyama, Nobuyuki Yokoyama, Kunio Kanai, Taisuke Watanabe

The "encrypted authenticated printing", "disk clearing" and "logon information forced printing" functions, provided in printers as preventative strategies against information leaks, through such means as the theft of hard disks built in printers or the removal of printed matter from printers, are features that have increased the interest of users in recent years. These features are introduced in this paper.

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ProtecPaper®, Software for Preventing Information Leaks from Paper Media [113KB] PDF

Toshio Hikima

Countermeasures for reducing the risk of information leaks have become urgent since the enforcement of the Personal Information Protection Law. The route by which the majority of information leaks occur is via paper media. This paper introduces a software package, "ProtecPaper®", which is based on the Val-Code technology, a unique Oki technology able to prevent information leaks from paper media and rapidly implement action once an information leak has taken place.

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Fully Automated Image Capturing-type Iris Recognition Device "IRISPASS®-M" [138KB] PDF

Seiichi Itoda, Motomitsu Kikuchi, Seiichi Wada

A fully automated image capturing-type iris recognition device, "IRISPASS®-M", has been developed that is smaller, has increased speeds and is available at a lower cost in comparison with existing devices. General descriptions, features and applications are introduced in terms of its security abilities.

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