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OKI Technical Review

2005 No.201 Special Edition on AP@PLAT®

Concept of a Solution for Converging
Information and Telecommunications
by Oki Electric: AP@PLAT® [1.1MB] PDF

Osamu Nakazawa, Kunio Ooba

This paper describes the concept of "AP@PLAT®", which is a solution concept that sustains the information and telecommunications converged business of Oki Electric, as well as the system configuration model and examples of applications utilizing the "AP@PLAT®".

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Information and Telecommunications Converged
Application Developed Using the SIP Built-in
Application Server "SipAs™ on WebLogic®" [205KB] PDF

Akitoshi Usui

Described in this paper will be the features and architecture as well as application development method of "SipAs™ on WebLogic®", an application server supporting SIP, to create a quick and low cost information and telecommunications converged application.

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IP Telephony and Business
Application Integrating Solution
- Development of the IP CONVERGENCE® Server SS9100/AS8700 - [494KB] PDF

Katsunori Endo, Kazuyuki Takagi, Shinichiro Nishida, Yuji Kawasaki, Noboru Okura, Keiji Hanai

Corporations have been seeking improvement in the efficiency of their operations through the implementation of IT. However, the majority of communications between people who execute business processes is still conducted through conventional telephones. The SS9100/AS8700 provides a solution for improving operating efficiency and innovating business processes by seamlessly linking up business applications with IP telephony. This paper will introduce the features and functions of the SS9100/AS8700 followed by specific solution examples.

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Solution for Financial Institutions Utilizing
the "Opinions of Customers" with Information
and Telecommunications Convergence [4.2MB] PDF

Tetsuji Nitta, Yuji Sano, Yasunobu Watanabe, Nobuhiro Takara

Customer-oriented management in the true sense is being sought of financial institutions gradually recovering from the problems relating to non-performing loans. A background for the situation will be explained and a solution will be introduced that utilizes the "opinions of customers" by efficiently collecting the customer's feedback and reflecting it on business management.

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Summary of IP-Centrex System Corporate Implementation Project
- Creation and Implementation of Information and Telecommunications Converged Products - [196KB] PDF

Nobutaka Suzuki, Minoru Nirei, Taketo Marui, Hiromichi Koike

Full-scale implementation of the corporate IP-Centrex has been put into effect by Oki Electric using the IP CONVERGENCE® Server SS9100/AS8700 and SipAs™ on WebLogic Server that accelerates information and telecommunications converged business as well as the outcome of results.

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