OKI Technical Review

2021 OKI's "Mono-zukuri" Innovations

Wire for Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) to Realize Highly Precise Processing of Metal Surfaces [195KB] PDF

Ryota Kanai

A highly rounded electrode wire that greatly improves the smoothness and finish quality of machined surfaces was developed for metal processing that uses wire-cut electrical discharge machine. This article introduces the features and effects of this developed wire.

AI-Based Image Solution to Realize Labor Saving and Automation at Manufacturing Sites [1.3MB] PDF

Kentaro Hirano, Ryota Kamitani, Ryoya Kawatsura, Takahisa Kabe

Looking forward to the realization of smart factories, there is an urgent need to promote DX in such areas as labor saving and automation at manufacturing sites. This article introduces an AI-based image solution that will enable quality improvement as well as labor saving and automation of manual work.

Silicon Photonics Technology and Application to Optical Bio Sensor [494KB] PDF

Hiroyuki Takahashi, Yosuke Onawa, Hironori Sasaki, Daisuke Shimura, Makoto Masuda

OKI has until now been developing silicon photonics technology in an aim to realize ultra-compact optical transceivers for IoT networks. This article introduces OKI's developmental effort in applying the technology to a new field of optical bio sensor.

Zero Energy Gateway -Realization of Low Cost Infrastructure Monitoring System with Solar Powered IoT Gateway- [654KB] PDF

Yuki Kubo, Hiroshi Hashizume, Atsushi Yoda

Zero Energy Gateway (ZE-GW) is a solar powered IoT gateway, which can be used outdoors where a power source may not be available, and it is compatible with OKI's 920MHz wireless SmartHop SR-series. This article presents the technologies supporting the ZE-GW, demonstration examples, and future prospects.

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