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OKI Technical Review

2005 No.204 Special Edition on Ubiquitous Networks

VoWLAN Access Point MWINS BR2100 Series [229KB] PDF

Masahiko Hayashi, Yoshihisa Nakano, Koji Kondo, Takashi Katsuyama, Yoshiko Kawai

Many issues relate to the VoIP communications over wireless LAN (VoWLAN: Voice over Wireless LAN) including difficulties for achieving smooth communications. We introduce the functions and features of the "VoWLAN Access Point MWINS BR2100 Series" of products that resolve these issues and achieve smooth VoIP communications.

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Corporate Internal Mobile Centrex System Using IP CONVERGENCE® Server SS9100/A8700 [275KB] PDF

Noriyasu Furuya, Shinichiro Nishida, Hiroshi Nagai, Noboru Okura

Introducing a collaborative solution that provides various services by combining the IP Convergence® Server SS9100/AS8700 and software phones as well as the FOMA dual terminals for business enterprises.

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Printing Solutions for Era of Ubiquitous Networks [89KB] PDF

Hirohiko Nakazato, Takaaki Hosoda, Kuniaki Fujisawa

This section introduces ubiquitous printing solutions from Oki Data Corporation and provides descriptions on the activities undertaken that relate to a wireless LAN solution for color printers as well as an automated connection solution for networks.

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Development of Wireless Home Gateways for Information Appliances - Wireless Integrated Server at Home (WIS@H) [101KB] PDF

Kiyohito Tokuda, Tadahiko Maeda, Yuichi Shiraki

The networking of information appliances has moved forward in recent years with the realization of ubiquitous networks in our homes. The "WIS@H" (Wireless Integrated Server at Home), currently under the study of the IEEE 802.15.3c, dramatically raises the level of content utilization in the home, such as for uncompressed high definition television broadcasting, through the use of millimeter-wave high-speed wireless transmissions.

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Development of an Ultra High-Speed Optical Signal Processing Technology - For Practical Implementation of a 160Gbit/s Optical Communication System [347KB] PDF

Kozo Fujii

First an overview is provided of the 160Gbps optical transmitter and receiver system we offer for large-capacity optical communication technologies. The orientation of research and development being conducted recently on a global scale, along with activities relating to the ultra high-speed optical signal processing technology undertaken by Oki Electric will then be introduced.

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