OKI Technical Review

2017 No.229 Special Issue on R&D through Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration

OKI's R&D through Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration [731KB] PDF

Yuji Kuno

OKI's IoT network, AI/sensing, next generation communication, UI/UX, applied optical and manufacturing technologies achieved as result of industry-government-academia collaboration are introduced.

Development of Ultra-compact Optical Transceivers for IoT Network Utilizing Silicon Photonics Technology [998KB] PDF

Hiroki Yaegashi

Silicon photonics is a technology that enables low cost manufacturing of optical circuits through ultra-compact integration. The effort to realize an ultra-compact optical transceiver for 5G mobile networks that support IoT is introduced.

Development of Coherent Detection Method with Optical Phase-Locked Circuit [507KB] PDF

Akihiro Fujii, Hitoshi Murai

Coherent optical transmission systems capable of ultrahigh speeds to cope with the increasingly higher speeds of the Internet are being introduced. However, with the current technologies, the equipment is complicated and consumes large amounts of power. This article introduces the R&D efforts and results of an optical phase-locked circuit technology aimed at solving these issues.

A4 LED Color Printer/MFP: New C5/MC5 Series [487KB] PDF

Ryuichi Kohara, Isao Kitano, Mutsumi Ishihara, Koji Ishizaki, Toshiyuki Ito

A4 LED color C5 series printers and MC5 series MFP, which support "Mobile Print" using smartphones and shares operation commonality with the A3 color MFP, are introduced.

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