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OKI Technical Review

2016 No.228 Special Issue on Digital Transformation

OKI’s IoT Business Platform [332KB] PDF

Taketo Marui

OKI is developing an IoT business platform to realize customers' digital transformation. This article introduces OKI’s technologies that support the IoT business platform and the efforts in the application fields.

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Network Infrastructure in OKI’s IoT Business Platform [565KB] PDF

Kei Kato

The major challenges in manufacturing, transportation/distribution, social infrastructure and other domains promoting IoT are CAPEX and OPEX, and in particular, a mechanism for maintaining high quality is important. This article describes the mechanism to solve the problem of promoting IoT, focusing on "connect," "no disconnect," "low delay" and "security," which are major advantages of the network infrastructure in OKI’s IoT business platform.

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Analytics in the Age of Digital Transformation [693KB] PDF

Koichi Takeuchi

This article describes OKI’s efforts in data utilization technology. In particular, the reason behind the focused attention on AI technology, the necessary technical requirements, corresponding technical system and applicability to various fields including examples of practical applications will be explained in the context of digital transformation.

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Approach to Cyber Security [595KB] PDF

Toru Harada, Tsuneo Hamada

This article introduces OKI-CSIRT’s measures against targeted e-mail attacks amid the ever-growing sophistication of cyber attacks as well as efforts to strengthen future cyber security and deploy security services to customers.

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