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2006 No.207 Special Edition on Mechatronics and Production Technologies

ATM-BankIT™ [115KB] PDF

Yuji Izawa, Kazuhiro Kondou, Mamoru Kanbayashi

Herein described is a new type of ATM, "ATM-BankIT™", which offers a raised level of security for crime prevention, higher reliability for reducing operating costs, operability to ensure that elderly and handicapped persons are able to operate the system in comfort and with ease, as well as expandability to accommodate mobile phones and non-contact IC cards, with a full understanding of the recently changing environment that surrounds automated teller machines (ATMs).

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Integrated Cash Management System CM21 [125KB] PDF

Osamu Suzuki, Hitoshi Yoshimura, Tetsuya Saitou, Takayuki Tanno

The demand for stricter cash management in sales offices and the decentralization of receipt and disbursement operations has been increasing in recent years in order to raise the operational efficiency of financial institutions. This paper will introduce such demands made by financial institutions, as well as a networked integrated cash management system, "CM21", a type of system that is not available from any other manufacturer.

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Recycling-type Fund Receiving and Disbursing Management System USCOS (Universal Service & Cash Order System) [96KB] PDF

Hiroatsu Kondo, Hiroharu Hirata

This paper describes the features of the recycling-type fund receipt and disbursement management system "USCOS". The functions of this system, which exceed those of conventional fund receiving units, were designed with a consideration for cash management systems installed at retail sales outlets and it is the first receiving and disbursing process in the industry to sort out received cash into change preparation funds and sales proceeds.

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Coin and Bank Note Change Machine CR-01 [87KB] PDF

Minoru Kobayashi, Toshinao Takahashi, Katsushi Tanaka

The need increases to reduce the burden on cash management operations at cash registers in the retail industry. In order to satisfy such market needs the "CR-01" unit, a coin and bank note change machine, was developed. This paper introduces this machine, which can process the disbursing of change in bank notes and coins as well as deposit funds in a short time as a subsystem to the cash register POS system, achieving a low cost cash management system.

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Remote Branch Terminal RT51 [113KB] PDF

Haruki Ishizuka

A remote branch terminal (RBT) is a customer-operated terminal used by customers to apply for various contracts or to file notifications through interactive dialog with operators in remote locations. This paper introduces a new type of RBT, "RT51", created in the pursuit of a high level of security, expandability and operability, as well as the "scanner printer", which is a main component unit.

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