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OKI Technical Review

2003 No.196 Special Edition on Devices

Development of Dedicated LSIs for VoIP Telephones
(ML7074/ML7084) and Communications Protocol Control Software [100KB] PDF

Tsutomu Shimotoyodome, Takanori Kamiyama, Yukihiro Mizukoshi, Hiroshi Kume

Two LSIs have been developed for communications equipment with VoIP. The LSIs include the voice CODEC(ML7074) and the VoIP communications processor(ML7084) which the ML7074, the ARM7TDMI, Ethernet MAC controller are integrated into. As software, the basic service package(BSP) also has been developed. The ML7074, the ML7084, and the BSP provide a total solution for the VoIP.

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Time Code Receiver LSI for Radio Clocks Offer High Sensitivity and Low Electric Current Consumption Using SOI [94KB] PDF

Junichi Yanagihara, Tokio Miyashita, Takashi Taya

Descriptions of the circuit configurations for the ML6190A (developed as a time code receiver LSI with a fully-depleted-type SOI CMOS process), the future product development of LSIs for radio clocks, as well as the benefits for adopting the fully-depleted-type SOI CMOS process, and an introduction to examples of the applications that are anticipated for radio clocks, are offered in this paper.

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Development of the NR-FIFO Series Imaging Noise Reduction LSI [94KB] PDF

Takamichi Nakano

A NR-FIFO series imaging noise reduction LSI has been developed. This LSI, made possible through the DRAM-LOGIC consolidation process and the FIFO customization technology, offers a noise reduction function and other high image quality functions, all on a single chip.

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Low-Power LSI Technology of 0.15µm FD- SOI [287KB] PDF

Koichi Morikawa, Yoko Kajita, Mutsumi Mitarashi

We have applied the 0.35µm and 0.20µm Fully Depleted SOI CMOS device to LSIs, and low-power LSI technology has been developed. This paper describes the development of the 0.15µm FD-SOI CMOS device fabricated for the purpose of miniaturization and speed improvement, and the performance of digital circuits using this device.

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Development of the 10Gbit/s 1.3µm AlGaInAs DFB Laser [124KB] PDF

Keizo Takemasa, Takashi Sugiyama, Yoichi Yatagai

The AlGaInAS DFB-LD, with its superior temperature characteristics, is drawing a lot of attention for use as a light source in 10Gbit Ethernet and the OC-192. This paper will introduce the CW and high-speed modulation characteristics of the 10Gbit/s AlGaInAs DFB laser.

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