Environmental Conservation

Contributing to the Environment with Products and Services OKI Eco Solutions

OKI Eco Solutions

Climate change mitigation and adaptation, recycling of resources and pollution prevention are some of the environmental issues the public is concerned with today. The OKI Group is helping to solve these issues by creating our own environmentally friendly hardware products such as OKI Eco Products, and providing a wide range of other products and services.

Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change

Mitigation of climate change

  • Products that contribute to energy conservation
    • ITS service= Logistics efficiency improvements LocoMobi2.0
    • Self-service terminal middleware CounterSmart
    • BEMS= Building air conditioning monitoring controls
  • Adaptation to climate change:Products for extreme weather
    • Disaster prevention information system DPS Core
    • Solar powered water level sensor for crisis management
    • Portable boat type multi-beam depth sounder instrument CARPHIN V

Other Environmental Conservation Measures

  • Products and services useful for saving resources
    • Easy to disassemble hardware design
    • Collection service for used products
  • Products and services to eliminate and prevent chemical contamination
    • Management system for chemical substances contained in products
    • Services to measure air, water quality, plastics, etc.

Platforms that Support Products and Services

  • AI Edge Compute「AE2100」
  • 920MHz band wireless multi-hop technology SmartHop

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