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OKI’s printers win TLC Electrical Distributors’ test ‘hands down’

TLC Electrical

TLC Electrical Distributors is one of the UK’s leading independent wholesalers, importers and exporters of electrical goods. Before partnering with OKI, TLC had a mix of different printers from a number of manufacturers, including several dot matrix models from OKI, which it used for printing its multi-part invoices. OKI’s printers have always coped well. However, TLC’s A4 printers from a different vendor, were another matter. “We decided to do our own market survey of A4 printers,” said Carr. The printers were initially tested for speed and quality. Carr then calculated the cost of printing per page, factoring in the price of drums, toners and other consumables. “The printers from OKI won hands down on all counts,” he said. Tom Carr decided to replace TLC’s printers gradually as they were returned to him, with OKI’s devices, mostly the A4 B440 and B431 models.

“So far these have been great. We liked the fact that OKI offers a three-year warranty, but we haven’t had to use it yet. Also, they have been very easy to link to our system; it’s just a case of plugging in the network cable, giving it our IP address and we’re away,” Tom Carr, IT Manager.

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