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Deegenbergklinik in Bad Kissingen is a specialist clinic for the rehabilitation of patients with various disorders.

OKI provides a cost-effective overhaul for Deegenbergklinik


At the Deegenbergklinik, it is all about getting back on your feet: Patients with metabolic disorders, but also those suffering from heart disease or orthopaedic disorders, can actively engage in their own recovery and treatment here. The output management at the clinic was in urgent need of an extensive overhaul. Previously, there were up to 30 different printers, copiers and scanners from different manufacturers in use at reception, in the office, in the doctors’ rooms and therapy offices as well as in the kitchen. These require different consumables, which were sourced and purchased centrally through an external service provider. When this contract expired, it seemed the perfect opportunity to standardise the situation with the devices and to reorganise the management of supplies. OKI took part in the tender process and was ultimately able to win over the Deegenbergklinik with its products and conditions. In November 2013, the new devices were installed over the course of just three days with operations ongoing. With these conditions, the rehabilitation clinic benefits from significantly lower costs during times with a very high volume of printing in comparison to the previous solution. Not only are the printing costs lowered, but the amount of time saved by employees has a significant impact.

"This is incredibly efficient and makes our lives much easier – the work involved in ordering is eliminated almost completely. Replacing it is really simple; even so we were all given training and now it’s possible for everyone to be responsible for their own printer"

Download the full case study to find out how OKI was able to meet Deegenbergklinik’s unique requirements thanks to the its Managed Print Services solution.

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