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OKI’s versatility opens up creative possibilities for Lampyon


Lampyon is a creative agency specialising in graphic design, web design and web development. Graphic and web design each represent a substantial part of Lampyon’s business. As a result, the agency makes frequent use of printers in order to review and proof their projects. Lampyon began searching for a replacement solution, though with its  substantial list of requirements, finding the right device was not a simple task. Lampyon was attracted to the OKI C9655hdtn for a number  of reasons, particularly its outstanding media handling, which would allow for the agency to continue working with the wide range of sizes, weights and styles of paper it had come to rely on at its former location. The OKI C9655hdtn has provided Lampyon with a wide range of options regarding paper sizes, weights and types, from A6 to A3 and 1200mm to long banner media, greatly expanding the agency’s creative printing possibilities. 

“The greatest benefit to us was the simplicity of feeding media straight through the paper path. We could choose from multiple trays, meaning there was no need to change paper even when printing on SRA3 media.” Bálint Buda, Specialist, Lampyon

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