OKI Original Consumables

Genuine OKI Consumables: Avoiding counterfeits

OKI introduced a hologram label to its Original Consumables packaging

Be cautious about counterfeits

Counterfeit consumables can be dangerous and are an infringement of intellectual property rights. 
Often passed off as genuine consumables, they can threaten personal health and safety, work environments and investment in print devices. 
Unlike consumables that are produced by the Original Equipment Manufacturer, many counterfeit products are manufactured under poor conditions with the proceeds from sales linked to organised crime and terrorism.
It is illegal to knowingly sell, be in possession of, use or distribute counterfeit imaging supplies.

Check OKI hologram label for authencity

To help protect our customers, OKI includes a hologram label on its Original Consumables packaging. 

The label features a number of important security measures that are designed to be beyond the reach of counterfeiters and also provide you with a simple process to check the authenticity of your consumables.

New hologram label
New hologram elements x4 Hologram 90degrees turn

Fig. 1. By twisting and viewing the hologram at different angles, four separate elements will appear.

Fig. 2. By turning the product packaging and hologram through a 90º turn, the horizontal band will alternate between positive and negative background colours.

Note that holograms can be found on OKI Original toners and ribbons only.

To avoid purchasing counterfeit goods, always buy your OKI Original Consumables from an authorised OKI Reseller. For more information, please contact the OKI Sales Office.

Authentication tool

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