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The PLAVI label printer brings many advantages to businesses. Thanks to its versatility and size, this professional label printing device gives businesses the option to print at any time, in-house and on-demand. Using proven digital LED technology pioneered by OKI, the PLAVI printer allows businesses to produce truly vibrant and colourful labels with even more creative designs, plus on a much wider range of label media too. Now you can extend your in-house colour printing capabilities from the expected to the extraordinary!

Pro1050 vs Pro1040. Which suits my business?

Two models make up the PLAVI series - Pro1040 and Pro1050. The Pro1040 prints colourful labels using CMYK toners. The Pro1050 does the same but with the added ability to print spot white (CMYK+W). White toner allows companies to produce labels with white-only text and graphics. It is also used to create an opaque white background under a colourful image for greater vibrance on transparent or coloured label media.

[ VIDEO ] A Label Printer that brings Your Labels to Life

OKI's digital LED technology. A business advantage.

The PLAVI printer employs OKI's world renown digital LED print engine with toner-based technology. LED print-heads work by illuminating photoconductive drums, which then leads to toner being fused onto label media to create printed images. This LED printing technology is the basis for a combination of other technological features which enable the PLAVI printer to offer amazing label media handling and extensibility. On top of the ability to produce colourful and stunning labels, it also allows for incredible flexibility, durability and a very affordable total cost of ownership.

Thanks to its technological advantages over other methods of professional label printing, businesses can achieve better creativity, increased efficiency, shorter lead times to delivery, reduced costs and of course, wonderful looking labels.

*1 Label media may affect print quality and printer functionality, hence it is recommended that any label media be quality-checked and tested first.

*2 Applies only to the printer model Pro1050

Print GHS-compliant labels. For the harshest conditions.

Businesses that want to produce durable labels to withstand harsh conditions will find the PLAVI an ideal choice. The printer produces labels that can survive cold, humid and other cruel environments. The PLAVI toner does not dissolve in water or alcohol, it weathers UV light and offers incredible scratch resistance. In addition, the PLAVI is certified to produce labels that conform to BS 5609 standards – a demanding test for print permanence, abrasion resistance and legibility after exposure to salt spray and sunlight. 

Be it for industrial chemical labelling, asset tracking or any other purpose, the PLAVI printer simply offers extraordinary labelling opportunities for all types of businesses and industries.

PLAVI - BS 5609 certificate (82.6 KB)

PLAVI. Why businesses choose it.

image - thumbs up - shadow - 220x175

Handles a wide range of synthetic label film & media!

image - thumbs up - shadow - 220x175

Labels resistant to water, alcohol & scratches!

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White Toner! Ideal for labels on transparent film!

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Fantastic labels can now be printed in-house & on-demand!

Different businesses. Different applications.

Learn how the PLAVI can help businesses with their product labels, identification labels and GHS labels from the examples below. Read how a sake brewery, a commercial printing company and a chemical plant use this professional colour label printer - Pro1050/Pro1040 - to improve their business operations workflow, reduce cost, capture new customer market segments and increase creativity within.

 Product label (sake brewery)  

Product label (sake brewery)  

Identification label (commercial printer)  

Identification label (commercial printer)  

GHS label (chemical plant)  

GHS label (chemical plant)


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