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OKI’s Healthcare Solutions offer the best medicine for busy Healthcare Professionals through flexible in-house printing of patient-centric applications

Busy 24/7 medical organisations face increasingly complex challenges. Patient satisfaction and quality of care, as well as patient safety and data protection are key, yet they often operate within hectic environments and to limited budgets.
OKI’s Healthcare Solutions equips healthcare professionals with the flexibility to deliver a patient-centric approach quickly and cost-effectively without relying on third party print suppliers. Built for producing medical records, prescription printing, admissions forms, colour coded wristbands, medical labels (e.g. IV drips or blood samples),  insurance claim forms, medical images and more, helps ensure healthcare organisations operate efficiently and cost effectively, while delivering critical patient care.

Improving Patient Satisfaction

Going to the doctor can be daunting; waiting in a sterile reception surrounded by people feeling unwell just adds to patient anxiety. Simple measures, such as a friendly, personal service can make all the difference. And if those measures were reflected in the medical results and documentation supplied to patients, healthcare organisations will benefit from increased confidence and patient satisfaction.

The OKI C800 Series – A3 colour printers for busy healthcare professionals

C800 Series
C800 Series for the healthcare industry
The C800 Series A3 colour printers are the perfect choice for organisations within the healthcare sector. Powerful and reliable with a compact footprint, they will easily fit into busy environments such as hospitals or GP surgeries where space is at a premium. Healthcare organisations run a 24/7 service and the availability and confidentiality of information is critical at all times. Thanks to easy self-maintenance, the C800 Series can be relied on without the need to call an engineer, so documents such as staff badges, forms and patient information and results can be printed uninterrupted. Furthermore, robust security safeguards patient confidentiality throughout the document workflow.

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