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LABORAL Kutxa teams with OKI to improve processes and better serve customers

About the company

LABORAL Kutxa represents a different approach to banking, based on cooperation and commitment to society. Their employees are co-owners of the bank, and their customers are at the heart of everything they do. Their main goal is their customers’ satisfaction and the generation of wealth and employment in their community. They are also committed to reducing their environmental impact, such as through reduced office printing. 

The challenge

The bank had several challenges with regards to document management, most of which are specific to the financial services industry. For one, multiple branches with a desktop scanner and a local printer for virtually every desk made maintenance both difficult and demanding. Consumables were frequently depleted and a complicated re-ordering process often meant a delay in printing and business operations. Furthermore, it was difficult for the bank to accurately measure print expenses at each branch, and the branches themselves struggled to take control of their own usage, and the associated maintenance costs. 

Of course, as a bank, these issues were minor compared to the greater challenge of ensuring total security and document compliance. Manual form handling, data capture and scanning, especially during customer onboarding, were time-consuming and often prone to human error. These seemingly small inconveniences had accumulated to the point that they were threatening employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Moreover, they were distracting LABORAL Kutxa from their core business focus: helping their communities.

“As the old saying goes, ‘you never get a second chance to make a good first impression’. Onboarding is the first way of illustrating the type of customer experience that can be expected at our bank. Done wrong… the trust is broken.” Joseba Maruri, IT Director, LABORAL Kutxa


The solution

To help address their need for greater control over their print costs, OKI’s Smart Solutions were deployed at the bank’s Mondragón headquarters. OKI’s Smart Solutions would continue to provide the bank’s IT managers with continual monitoring of their printer fleet to identify maintenance issues in advance. This also increased financial visibility and budget control across their branches.
Next came the installation of 220 OKI A4 smart MFPs at 368 branches, serving 2,200 users. Already, the workgroup devices represented significant savings to the bank compared with almost a thousand printers they previously had installed. The new MFPs were easy to install and set up ‘out of the box’. They also ensured simpler maintenance for HQ and hassle-free printing in branches.
The high-colour output quality of OKI’s unique digital LED technology and media versatility of the new devices meant they could print both internal documents and customer-facing marketing material with equal proficiency. To print in colour now, all employees need to do is include the word ‘colour’ in the document file name, otherwise the default setting will automatically convert the job to mono (greyscale). This saves time choosing printer settings and avoids unnecessary colour printing costs. 

The benefits

The bank has already experienced significant benefits from OKI’s solution, including increased employee productivity and more efficient customer-facing processes. They now enjoy anytime, anywhere printing through user authentication, and print roaming that makes it possible for authorised users to print documents on any printer. Ongoing, onsite support provides the bank with continuous monitoring of the entire system, immediate response and repairs within four hours of fault detection, and automatic consumable replacement.

Users are now accountable for their own printing costs, and every print operation is monitored and stored for later reporting and analysis. As a result, wasted paper and consumables have reduced, and confidential documents are no longer left next to the printer.

OKI’s new solution makes it easy to digitise documents and to automate manual processes. For instance, the onboarding process has been dramatically simplified. Now, instead of employees scanning in customers’ documents, sending them to a local machine and then emailing to HQ, the documents are immediately sent from the smart MFP to the central validation team, resulting in a simpler process and a better customer experience.

The future

As of 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will have a direct impact on how banks handle the onboarding of clients and manage their data. Banks will have a statutory obligation to identify and know their customers, whereby the bank is obliged to verify the customer's identity from an official and undamaged identity document. This obligation concerns both existing and new customers, and all information will have to be treated confidentially.
OKI will continue partnering with LABORAL Kutxa to help meet both these future challenges by helping them continue to improve document compliance, confidentiality and security in light of this new regulation.
In addition to this, taking a single view of the customer, omni-channel approach is fast becoming a competitive area for banks, where customers expect highly personalised communications and offers across all the channels they use. Many organisations have been able to improve their results by 50–100% by combining multiple channels to reinforce the onboarding process1.
OKI’s value proposition allows the bank to develop an omni-channel approach that creates high-quality in-house collateral on demand, that goes beyond back-office printing.
“LABORAL Kutxa represents a different approach to banking, based on cooperation and commitment to our society. Our main goal is our customers’ satisfaction and OKI is helping us on a responsible model.”Joseba Maruri, IT Director, LABORAL Kutxa
1Jim Marous, co-publisher of The Financial Brand and publisher of the Digital Banking Report
OKI's Smart Managed Document Services combines OKI’s award winning hardware with software and tools to digitise documents for quicker and easier archiving, retrieval and sharing across the organisation within a highly secure infrastructure. OKI will analyse how documents are managed and provide a tailored solution to optimise and improve the efficiency of existing document workflows by removing labour intensive manual document handling improving productivity and delivering significant savings.

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