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Rössler Balances Cost and Quality with OKI Managed Print Services

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German stationery brand Rössler has been celebrated for its handcrafted envelopes, cards and fine papers as well as stylish lifestyle and trend products for more than 80 years. For several years the company has worked with OKI, using various printer models across its different departments. Rössler has a requirement to quickly print product samples with a high level of colour accuracy on various media and in different formats while keeping costs low. To fulfil these requirements, OKI completed an accurate inventory analysis of Rössler’s existing system and developed a new Managed Print Services concept for the company. Following a competitive pitch process, OKI’s bespoke Managed Print Service was recognised as the best option. Implemented in under two days, OKI’s solution includes multifunction printers meaning the company now uses fewer model variants and provides versatile connectivity as well as the Smart Extendable Platform (sXP) which optimises document processing, administration and editing. As a result, Rössler’s overall print costs have now been reduced by 17%. 
“Thanks to OKI, we were able to consolidate our printer fleet to optimum effect and reduce our printing costs by 17%” – Stephan Schneider, Authorised Officer at Rössler 
Download the full case study to find out how OKI helped Rössler reduce costs and maximise quality with a bespoke Managed Print Service. 

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