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Michael Lyng Motors

A family owned automotive business focused on growth with Mitsubishi and Hyundai franchises. Also the main dealer for Ford motors in Kilkenny.

Driving ahead with the help of OKI’s Managed Print Services

Founded in 1996, Michael Lyng Motors has motor dealerships in three locations offering sales, servicing and all backup services for cars, vans and 4x4s. In each location printers were located in disparate places – including reception areas and the workshops. Resources such as toners would only be ordered when they ran out, meaning staff were spending unnecessary time manually ordering toners on an ad-hoc basis. With shortages not being anticipated or planned for, the printers were unusable until new toners arrived making printer downtime unavoidable. When print resources arrived, they were not labelled with the name of any particular person or any particular printer, resulting in equipment being shelved or taken by the wrong person for a new or anticipated need of their own. This was also being compounded by the misappropriated cartridges or toners sometimes being incompatible with the printers they had been ordered for. The company’s IT provider Business IT Solutions (BITS) proposed OKI’s Managed Print Services. Michael Lyng Motors are now reaping the benefits of OKI’s Managed Print Services in three different ways: productivity, costs and maintenance. Now, when a printer’s toner level drops below 20% of its capacity, an order for a replacement is generated automatically without an iota of human intervention and the replacement typically arrives onsite before the toner is exhausted. OKI also provides buffer stock; this provides extra assurance that printers can remain useable while orders are being processed. MLM has now increased certainty around costs there is now an effective maintenance system in place.
“We have lowered our printing costs, improved our productivity, and virtually eliminated printer downtime.  Our only regret is that we did not start using OKI’s Managed Print Services earlier. We look forward to a long-term relationship with them as we continue to grow our business.” Padraig McCluskey, General Manager, Michael Lyng Motors.
Download the full case study to find out how OKI was able to meet MLM’s requirements with Managed Print Services.

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