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With more than 50,000 customers, the Austrian building materials and tile trader, QUESTER ranks among the largest in the trade in Austria. Together with his team, the IT Manager oversees infrastructure and systems at 23 QUESTER facilities. Due to the size of the company, administration and user support were a time factor. As a result, it was vital that the new printing concept at QUESTER include as few unique models as possible and that user interfaces were standardised, so that they would require little explanation. QUESTER’s IT department wanted to implement the proven method of print cost control by assigning print jobs to cost centres, making costs transparent and traceable. OKI recommended a total of 247 printers for QUESTER, including the ES5162dnw and ES8453dnv models, as they met the company’s requirement for simple and standardised operation. Although the total number of models remained unchanged, at six different devices, the new print concept enabled QUESTER to reduce printing costs by six percent.

“One absolutely crucial factor for me was that the roll-out was completed without any downtime. OKI made it possible for us to transition smoothly and without any risk. We were also impressed with the excellent personal support we received from OKI in Austria, and, despite some stiff competition, the solution proved to be ideal for us.” Michael Janisch, CIO, QUESTER

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