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OKI provides DIGIHOUSE with the optimal in-house solution


DIGIHOUSE is a media design agency that offers a wide range of services, from basic branding and design to extensive multi-channel marketing campaigns. As DIGIHOUSE produces all of its work in-house, from first drafts to final print files, the agency was looking for a new device that offered the most colour-consistent presentation print quality possible, along with an in-house proofing solution. With support from dp3, DIGIHOUSE’s solutions partner, the agency reviewed several devices, finally choosing to adopt the OKI C9650 colour printer as its solution for in-house proofing and layout printing. The OKI C9650 is a high performance A3 colour printer with the speed, volume and flexibility to keep up with even busy and high demand workplaces like DIGIHOUSE. The device  is also very cost effective, with a price range approximately 90 per cent lower than a typical high-end production machine with similar features.

"With the OKI C9650, we are able to produce high-quality, true-colour layouts and proofs in-house without the need for any external printing centres, delivering excellent price to performance ratio.” Christoph Aspacher, Managing Director, DIGIHOUSE

Find out how DIGIHOUSE has gained the ability to produce presentations with perfect colour fidelity, all in-house and at an excellent price to performance ratio.

Download the full case study (1.0 MB)

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