OKI's Efforts for Quality Assurance OKI Group's Approach to Universal Design

OKI Group's Approach to Universal Design

The OKI Group defines universal design as the achievement of a high level of usability (basic user-friendliness) and accessibility (considerations for elderly people and people with disabilities) in products and services so that all customers can use them properly, effectively and satisfactorily.

The OKI Group's efforts to enhance usability and accessibility are based on four concepts. First, products must have interfaces that are easy to understand. Second, mental and physical stress on users must be minimized. Third, there must be choices of operating procedures. Fourth, products must be designed in a friendly and attractive package. In order to promote universal design, OKI conducts verification tests and collects opinions from users which help shape products and services.

Universal Design Intended for the Use of as Many People as Possible

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