Contributing to the Environment with Products and Services Operation of Chemical Substance Management System

Countries around the world have been rushing to create tougher regulations on chemicals found in products. As well as the products themselves, the controls imposed by these regulations cover packaging and all materials used. The European RoHS directives and REACH regulations play a leading role among environmental legislation. A recent amendment to the RoHS directives has made them tougher by mandating that companies now submit compliance declarations and create and store technical documentation as a way of proving RoHS compliance. Compliance work has become more demanding as a result.

OKI has responded by developing our own software that we use to reliably handle today's mounting chemical management demands, and satisfy tough environmental standards from Europe and around the world.

Investigation processes involve managing the progress of massive numbers of part investigations, and handling a wide range of formats. Aggregation and evaluation processes calculate chemical content percentages and determine whether substances prohibited by RoHS directives are present. Today's reporting processes require more sophisticated handling of the various formats used by buyers, and place more demanding requirements on IT systems.

Dealing with these compliance work issues and frequent amendments to legislation has enabled us to refine our in-house IT systems into easy-to-use compliance work tools, enhancing our compliance work.

Work Process and Response to Issues

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