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Saving and Recycling of Resources

Achievements in Fiscal 2022

Environmental Conservation Costs

When the OKI Group makes capital investments to renew or introduce infrastructure, it selects equipment with low environmental impact.Capital investment In fiscal 2022, investments totaled 1.9 billion yen and expenses totaled 10.6 billion yen.

Investment/Costs (Unit:million yen)
Category Main Efforts Investment Costs
FY 2021 FY 2022 FY 2021 FY 2022
Cost in business areas Prevention of pollution cost Investment in pollution control facilities, and maintenance and operation costs 21 34 127 133
Global environmental conservation cost Investment in energy-saving facilities, and maintenance and operations costs 1,236 637 758 219
Resource recycling Cost Investments in facilities for internal treatment or organic waste liquid, waste recycling costs 71 1,051 263 347
Total 1,327 1,722 1,148 699
Upstream / downstream costs Investment on manufacturing facilities and maintenance costs 26 83 8 12
Administration cost Costs related to environmental management system and product chemistry management 53 56 240 224
R & D costs R & D expenses related to products that contribute to reducing environmental impact such as decarbonization 0 0 11,550 9,611
Social activity cost Cost for planting trees in production sites, costs for activities contributing to local communities 0 0 1 1
Environmental damage costs Cost for reserves to respond to environmental damage, insurance costs and surcharges 0 0 0 0
Other Costs 9 1 5 12
Total 1,416 1,862 12,953 10,560

Economic effect

Economic effect (unit: 1 million yen)
Category Main Efforts Consolidated total for FY 2020 Consolidated total for FY 2021 Compared to the previous year
Cost reduction effect Total effect of saving energy and resource Reduction of electricity, petroleum, gas and packking material used in business activities -148 -1,184
Effect of reducing treatment cost Reduciton of waste generated from business activities through recycling -34 -29
Total -182 -1,213
Real income effect Sales of valuable waste generated from business activities 552 723 131%
Total 370 -490

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