Approach by Businesses Toward Environmental Conservation Saving and Recycling of Resources Activities

The OKI Group is working on improving resource recycling without sacrificing productivity or quality.

Environmental Activities Enjoyed Through Reuse and Recycling

A "zero yen reuse" corner set up in one corner of the company
Printers PV 701 produced at ODMES. White letters painted on the shelves of waste pallets are printed at PV 701.
Tables and benches made from waste pallets. The cushions were remade from shirts no longer needed.

There is a plant in Fukushima that has a community that enjoys environmental activities expand under the slogan "SDGs We Can Do Easily."

OKI Data MES Co., Ltd. (ODMES), a printer manufacturing plant, recycles waste materials generated in the plant and "zero-yen reuse" of unwanted items brought from home by employees.

It all started with the inspiration of a female employee. -It's a waste to just throw away things we no longer need at home, but it's a hassle to take them to a reuse shop. So why not create a system to hand them over to the person who want at the company we go to every day --

She developed this idea into an internal "zero yen reuse" initiative, which was approved by management.She immediately set about creating a place for the reuse community, but the cost of purchasing display shelves was a barrier. So she set their sights on scrap wood for the wooden pallets that were piled up in the factory for transport. With the help of volunteers, she processed these scrap pallets into display shelves.

Under the "zero yen reuse" initiative, they display the unwanted items brought from their homes on these display themselves made of our own waste pallets, and those who want them are free to receive them.

The waste materials production activities that started with this initiative spread to Employees, and the tables and benches made here are used for meetings and places to rest.

The environmental activities that they enjoy in this way have spontaneously developed into their own work on environmental issues and issues. ODMES 'environmental activities also include the desire to create a workplace where workers can be energetic.

Friends recycling waste pallets

Plastic reuse activities resulting from corporate integration

Plastic bags for reuseElectronic components in plastic bags

OKI Sympho-Tech Co., Ltd. (OSC) was created in 2020 through the merger of a company that manufactures sheet metal products, such as outdoor casings, and a company that manufactures custom power supplies, both located on the same premises.

The company has been actively engaged in environmental activities even before the merger, for example in the field of resource recycling in the sheet metal processing division.

  • Visualization by measuring the weight of waste in each department
  • Recycling of plastic cushioning materials and switching to paper
  • Increased management of paint expiration dates from 600 types to 400 types Reduce paint inventory

These and other initiatives have been promoted under the leadership of management and environmental departments, and have produced results.

After the merger, the environmental divisions of the two companies were integrated, and the integration of environmental management regulations and documents, as well as measures to reduce environmental impact, were examined jointly by employees from each company.

One example of synergies resulting from the merger in environmental measures is the reuse of large amounts of used plastic packaging materials generated by the Power Development Division, which are used in the manufacturing process of the Sheet Metal Division.

At the Electric Power Development Division, purchased electronic components are delivered in plastic bags, and after parts are removed from the manufacturing process, most of them are discarded because they cannot be used in intermediate processes or for products to be shipped due to product characteristics.

As a result of this integration, the sheet metal processing division has been able to collect and reuse plastic bags, 80% of which are reused in the sheet metal processing division, and the remaining 20% are provided to all workplaces.As a result of these efforts, the amount of plastic packaging materials purchased by the sheet metal division was significantly reduced, and the amount of waste plastic generated was reduced by 26% from fiscal 19 to fiscal 20.

Streamlining of Resource Input by 60% - Creation of "Katsu Space"

Photo1:Screens of the real-time defect reporting system. When a defect occurs, the process, parts, cause, response situetion etc. are displayed. Photo2:Effective space created by the Katsu space activity. In fiscal 2017 alone, this approached 10% of the entere plant.

OKI Data Manufacturing (Thailand) (ODMT), which carries out the final assembly of printers in Ayutthaya, Thailand, actively involves local Thai employees in promoting conservation of resources by improving productivity under the slogan “Kaizen” (improvement). In order to respond flexibly to the diversification of production items, the company is working to improve work efficiency, such as by eliminating waste, training multiskilled workers and the company development of “autonomation” equipment, and are rigorously reducing the volume of resource input such as by keeping just a single day’s inventory of parts.

To further prevent the occurrence of defective products that greatly influences resource input, we introduced a real-time defect reporting system in 2017. In the event of a defect, the process, parts, cause, etc. are shared in real time, and related departments respond promptly to suppress the increase of defective products and thoroughly utilize resources with efficiency.

The accumulated effect of these efforts has improved resource input efficiency per unit production value by 57% compared to five years ago. These achievements led to the creation activity of “active space” called “Katsu space”, and in fiscal 2017 alone succeeded in generating 2,375 m2 of space - 8% of the total plant floor.

We respond to the production of new items without resorting to the expansion of buildings, which can lead to significant increases in consumption of resources and energy and additional costs.

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