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Making and Donating Lao Picture Books

Every year since 2000, in cooperation with Action with Lao Children, a nonprofit that works to improve the educational environment for children in Laos, the OKI Group has held an event to create and donate picture books in the Lao language. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, participants from the OKI Group have created these picture books at home. To date, a total 2,053 Lao picture books have been created and delivered to children in Laos.

Add Lao translations to Japanese picture books

Activities of special subsidiary company OKI WorkWel
-State-of-the-art initiatives starting with employment of those with disabilities

① Remote social studies field trips
In cooperation with special needs schools across Japan, OKI WorkWel provides remote social studies field trips for children and students unable to participate in physical field trips due to illness or injury.
Harnessing OKI WorkWel’s remote class solutions and other technologies, these activities involve distributing to these and other special needs schools video and audio on nearby noted places, historical sites, and other interesting aspects of the local community as field trip subjects. Children and students unable to go out can benefit from these virtual field trips while remaining inside their school.

Date Distribution location Participants Field trip subject
October 19, 2023 Tokyo Metropolitan Fuchu Keyakinomori Gakuen 221 students from 21 schools NTT History Center of Technologies
October 13, 2022 Yamaguchi Prefectural Shunan Comprehensive Support School 254 students from 25 schools Species preservation; 3D sheet metal forming technologies used for Shinkansen trains
October 5, 2021 Aomori Prefectural Aomori Daiiti Special Needs School 230 students from 21 schools Sannai Maruyama ruins
October 15, 2020 Nara Prefectural Asuka Special Needs School 170 students from 14 schools Ancient burial mounds in Asuka, Nara Prefecture

② Remote on-the-job training
Remote on-the-job training allows students at special needs schools to experience working without commuting (working from home).
The program instructors are OKI WorkWel employees who work from home due to severe disabilities. Drawing on their own experience and background, these instructors reach out to students from their home across computer networks and give guidance about communication skills?skills that are especially vital when working from home?as well as IT skills related to document preparation and other tasks, while also providing practical exercises.

Fiscal year Implementing schools Participants
FY2022 29 schools 49 students
FY2021 29 schools 60 students

③ Visiting courses for special needs schools
This new career education program for students of special needs schools and their guardians is provided through visiting courses for schools that request them.
The courses introduce diverse IT-based work styles for those with disabilities and provide students with opportunities to experience what remote work is like, through interactions with OKI WorkWel employees who work from home participating via computer networks using remote communication systems.

Fiscal year Implementing schools
FY2022 8 schools
FY2021 8 schools

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