Human Resources Management Initiatives for organizational culture reform

Creating an Environment for Diverse Human Resources to Proactively Take on Challenges

Elements of OKI Well-Being

The OKI Group focuses on well-being to create an environment in which diverse human resources can proactively take on challenges, and is working to promote well-being in the workplace. In fiscal year 2022, we held an internal seminar for the domestic OKI Group on the theme of well-being, which was attended by the President, executives, and many other Group employees. The participation rate of managers, who play a central role in realizing well-being in the workplace, was approximately 92% (figure for only OKI).

In order to further enhance existing activities and proactively try new approaches, we established the Organizational Culture Reform Department as a dedicated organization in fiscal year 2023. We are implementing initiatives while defining "OKI Well-Being" as enabling "workplaces offering psychological safety," "mental and physical health," and "fostering of job satisfaction."

Elements of OKI Well-Being and Major Efforts to Achieve Them

Elements of "OKI Well-Being"Initiatives
Workplaces offering psychological safety
(Workplaces with lively conversation)
Activities to promote interactive communication among employees
Mental and physical health
(Healthy body and mind)
Health and safety as well as health management(*)
Fostering of job satisfaction
(Engaging in work with excitement and satisfaction)
Initiatives to assign the right people to the right positions as well as to align organizational goals with employees' autonomous career visions
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With regard to "fostering of job satisfaction," the goal is to increase the percentage of positive responses(*) to 70% by fiscal year 2025 for items related to job satisfaction (OKI work engagement) in the awareness survey conducted annually among all Group employees in Japan. The results through fiscal year 2022 are as follows, showing a declining trend. This can be attributed to multiple factors that have caused changes in job satisfaction, including the status of environmental conditions such as remote work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and changes in work execution processes in the new environment. We aim to achieve our goal by promoting initiatives led by the Organizational Culture Reform Department.
*Positive response: Very much so / more or less so

Results of Awareness Survey of All OKI Group Employees(in Japan)
  Employees who gave a positive response
FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 FY2025
The workplace is positive and work is rewarding 60%
  • *Figures in parentheses represent only OKI

Aiming for a Workplace with Psychological Safety and Conversation

The OKI Group has been developing "Interactive Communication" activities among employees since fiscal year 2018 under the motto "Express yourself, encourage others to express themselves, and listen" to foster an organizational culture with psychological safety in which employees feel secure to express their opinions and ideas, recognize each other, and take on challenges. Targeting communication at all levels, each workplace holds lunch meetings, team conversations, and workshops on workplace issues and concerns.

To promote Interactive Communication in the workplace, we have been working on workshops for department and section heads across the domestic Group since fiscal year 2018, and have conducted these workshops at about 600 workplaces through now. In addition, we conduct annual Interactive Communication Designer Training to train facilitators who promote Interactive Communication. Moreover, we conduct assessments twice a year to confirm that we have workplaces with psychological safety. To further promote organizational culture reform going forward, we will work to improve communication across the organization and foster ownership and followership for the challenges taken on by each employee.

Vision of the Interactive Communication Activities
  • Employees can freely express their opinions and ideas, understand each other's perspectives, and align their goals
  • Employees think from a broad outlook, cooperate to help each other, and enjoy taking on new challenges
  • Employees are recognized, praised, feel job satisfaction, and are more proactive in their work.

Interactive communication promotion characters: So-chan (on the left) and Komi-chan (on the right)

Renewing the Personnel Systems to Steer toward Growth

In April 2023, the OKI Group revised its personnel systems for managers for the first time in about 20 years in order to improve organizational performance and create new value. In order to maximize the ability of managers, who play a core role in the Group's growth, to drive the organization and business as leaders, we will realize the placement of the right personnel in the right positions according to individual aptitudes and career aspirations by establishing a multi- grade system (management/professional/expert) according to the roles that managers play. In conjunction with this, compensation levels have been reviewed for the first time in eight years with an average increase of about 8% (maximum 19%). This is positioned as an up-front investment for driving growth, and we believe it is a necessary investment for securing future human resources and for growth. Furthermore, we have reviewed the evaluation system for managers, encouraging them to change their mindset and challenge themselves to "fulfill their responsibilities" and "focus on results."

In addition, in order to create a workplace environment in which anyone can demonstrate performance and play an active role regardless of age, we have promoted the appointment of younger employees to management positions and abolished the "retirement age system," which uniformly dismisses employees from positions such as department head and section head when they reach a certain age. To promote the participation in the workplace of senior employees (employees who have continued to work after retirement age), we are supporting the development of their second careers through the implementation of new mindset training when reaching programs retirement age and enhancing dialogue at career design interviews.

Managerial Positions and Roles under the New Grading System

Managerial Positions and Roles under the New Grading System

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