Message from Top Management

"Delivering OK! to your life."
We intend to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Shinya Kamagami (Representative Director and CEO), Takahiro Mori(Representative Director and COO)

OKI's history started with the development of our country's first domestic telephone back in the early days of modern Japan in 1881. For the over 140 years since then, we have been involved in various businesses, from which we have inherited Mono-zukuri (product manufacturing) and Koto-zukuri (creation of solutions and services) know-how for supporting social infrastructure and a stance on which we use this know-how alongside our detailed awareness of issues facing real sites to help resolve such issues. This stance is briefly expressed by "Delivering OK! to your life.," the key message of Medium-Term Business Plan 2022. This is both the OKI Group's reason for existence and our promise for the future as we look ahead to 2030, the target year for the SDGs, and even further ahead to what society might look like in 2050.

The OKI Group recognizes its strengths to be the technical capabilities acquired over many years in Mono-zukuri and Koto-zukuri (the creation of solutions and services), the installed base of our various equipment groups, and the positive relationships we have developed with large numbers of customers. Using these strengths, we will create products and services that help resolve issues found at various workplaces in edge domains in the real world—which, even as digitization accelerates, lies at the opposite extreme of the cloud and virtual worlds. Our goal for 2031, the year of our 150th anniversary, is to become a corporate group that helps create a safe and convenient infrastructure for customers and society as a whole through the key Japanese concepts of Mono-zukuri and Koto-zukuri. We seek to "Deliver OK! to your life.," and we intend to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

In fiscal year 2020, we identified three material issues facing our company: "products and services that help solve social issues," which leads directly to the creation of social value; and "business activities that meet stakeholder expectations" and "strengthen the infrastructure that support Mono-zukuri," which reinforce our management structure. We have designated ESG topics for each of these material issues, and incorporated them into concrete initiatives that we are now executing. For our material issue of "products and services that help solve social issues," we have come up with a list of issues that have a deep connection to our business of supporting social infrastructure in various shapes and forms. These social issues include aging infrastructure, natural disasters, transportation issues, environmental issues, labor shortages, labor productivity, and infectious diseases. Environmental issues are in particular growing in importance, and recognizing our responsibilities as a manufacturer, we have formulated and are working to achieve medium- and long-term environmental goals in the following two areas: "creating products that contribute to the resolution of wide-ranging environmental issues," and "eliminating CO2 emissions at our production bases."

In order to achieve sustainable growth for the company and society through these activities, we believe it is important to appropriately disclose the progress of our various initiatives to stakeholders and facilitate co-creation in solving issues. This website is intended to help all stakeholders better understand the OKI Group's initiatives. Your honest opinions regarding our initiatives would be greatly appreciated.

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